Jessie Ware And Romy Release ‘Lift You Up

Jessie Ware and Romy drop a brand-new collaboration « Lift You Up ». Debuted by the pair during a surprise appearance from Romy during Jessie’s headline slot on the West Holts Stage at Glastonbury on Saturday night, « Lift You Up » is available now via Interscope Records / PMR.

Produced by pop powerhouse Stuart Price (Madonna, Kylie), « Lift You Up » is an effervescent and irresistibly catchy, disco-infused house anthem featuring the vocals of two of the UK’s most recognizable and era-defining voices. Effortlessly blending both artists’ signature sounds, « Lift You Up » is a glorious fusion that is destined to soundtrack the summer.

The pair first crossed paths when The xx performed an intimate gig under the Westway in London back when the band was in its infancy. The friendship hit off when The xx invited Jessie to perform at their Night & Day Festival in Berlin. Jessie said, « I felt like it was such a cool seal of approval – I sang with them on stage and I think from then on Romy and I became friends, she was a fan of my music and I was such a fan of her. »

Since then, Jessie and Romy have continued to be involved in each other’s creative lives and have become strong supporters of each other, co-writing songs such as « Share It All, » which appears on the deluxe edition of Tough Love. And finally, the duo has decided to take their collaboration to the next level with « Lift You Up. »

Talking about the new single Jessie said: « I was so excited to be in the room with my friend and to see how she works and to hear her beautiful voice. I’m so proud of the record. It’s a song that’s about both of us being too hard on ourselves, and not believing enough in ourselves. I think anyone can relate to that. »

« There was a wonderful serendipity about the fact that she worked with Stuart Price on the last record too. »

« It’s going to be so exciting for people to hear this and people to hear it live at Glastonbury. It seems to be a theme of mine that I now debut songs at Glastonbury and I’m excited for everyone to hear us celebrating each other. »

Romy added: « I’ve been a fan of Jessie’s music for a long time and it was amazing to finally work together after many years of friendship.

Sometimes we all need a friend there to lift us up and help us see things differently. A memory comes to mind of Jessie and I backstage at a festival when I was just starting to play my solo music live and I was still figuring things out. She hyped me up and helped me believe in myself when I was feeling unsure. The conversation we had really stayed with me and was definitely in my mind when we were writing the lyrics.

It was so wonderful working with Stuart Price again after we worked so closely on my album and with the brilliant Clarence Coffee jr for the first time. We wanted this song to be uplifting, celebrate togetherness and I can’t think of a better way to share it with everyone than at Glastonbury. »

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